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Artist books, calendar and sale works.

Hello everyone,

Well we are all reeling from the news that we are going down into another's been an interesting year. I have taught only one workshop and there hasn't been any exhibitions, open houses or Christmas fair for me.. But the work has been made with joy and has helped me during the isolation.

I'm creating two artist books: 'The book of the sea', which is finished and printed, plus 'The garden as sanctuary', which is just being finished. Both books are A5 and is a collection of my paintings, mixed media and writings.

My calendar for 2021 is A3 this year and has gorgeous full colour pages. The three images shown here are in the calendar.

The books and the calendar are £15 each plus p&p.

I am organising a sale of some of my work. This will be a new page on my website and images will be posted on social media.

Watch this space and message me if you fancy anything.

Thanks always.X


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