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Summer is here! (well sort of...)


It's been ages since I wrote my blog. Life, internet problems and nearly moving house made life very busy. Despite all of that I have managed to make new work.

I've continued with the monthly colour idea (remember April is Green) and have now completed May is pink and Blue June. Already, Blue June is coming to an end and I'm thinking about what colour will work for July.

Stephen's Lupins

65cm square

Oil on canvas

During lockdown I have enjoyed seeing my lovely friends gardens via social media and I have , with permission frm them, painted or made work inspired by the photos they've taken of their gardens. During this time of year the light is so beautiful (even when it's raining) and I've enjoyed using a limited palette.

If you have a lovely view of your garden that you think I might like to use, please send it to me.

My work has concentrated more on wildlife and how we can do our but to help it. On my social media accounts there are tips on what seeds are easy to grow and what plants to grow as well as work made of different species of birds or butterflies, for example. These are all documented on my Instagram @catherinefarrartist, if you fancy a look.

I've lots going on at the moment: a new collaboration, new workshops that I've been invited to teach and more. My aim is to blog more and keep you informed of what I'm doing....

If you would like a private two hour art class with me, I can teach you in my large and light studio. There is a lot of space. I'm happy to teach drawing, painting, mixed media...just ask me. £65 for 2 hours.

Have a good week all!



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