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Happy Tuesday!

@justacard campaign

Good morning,

The weather outside may be rubbish but I'm inside in the warm looking forward to a new year and more art based activity.

But first of all...this week I'm taking part in the #justacard campaign on Instagram. This group was set up after a former gallery owner said that if everyone who visited their gallery and said lovely things also bought 'JUST a card' that they would still be open today. We can, as small businesses or artists, see that every single card (or more) makes a difference.

So to everyone who buys my cards, calendars, art work or comes to my classes, workshops or exhibitions THANK YOU.

I have my Christmas cards on a separate page if you would like to have a look and my Home page has news about courses and workshops and retreats and classes...phew!

I can also send out an art voucher for any amount that can be redeemed against anything.... just let me know.

Write to me on my contact page.

Thanks again x

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