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I have taught many, many classes, workshops, courses and study days … here are a few photos of some of them. 

Teaching gives me enormous pleasure.  Everyone can draw… they just need to be shown how…there are a few things that can be learnt…..

Joanne Louise Parker

I was the child that left school believing she couldn’t draw or paint a picture. The very idea of doing a drawing class felt slightly intimidating. I met Catherine through my interest in churches on a church drawing day she was running on behalf of the Kent Wildlife Trust.

Catherine believes that there is no wrong art …whatever you draw IS art! Her teaching style is gentle, subtle and supportive that even the most timid beginner is coaxed out of the quiet corner.

After my church art day, I signed up for a further 6 week drawing course then a 6 week colour course. I have no interest in being the next Picasso .. but just taking that pencil on its first walk along the page unleashed a whole new bit of me I didn’t know I had.

I will now unashamedly and fearlessly mess about with watercolours and acrylics and all manner of media.

If you are an excited but scared individual curious to do some art but don't know where to start - I would highly recommend one of Catherine’s workshops. 

Catherine Conroy, 

I really recommend Catherine's workshops. They are informative, very good value for money and fun. No matter what your drawing level is, you are not made to feel inadequate and I learnt some good drawing techniques.


Workshop participants got to see some of her work and I was impressed with her compositions and vivid use of colour in her representation of nature.

Jaillan Yehia


What we’re not prepared for is Catherine’s complete lack of pretension, straight talking nature, and her ability to turn your preconceptions about art – and indeed artist retreats – around.

Catherine’s very encouraging.  Her belief is that each and every one of us has our own unique artistic style, not to be measured or compared against anyone else’s and beautiful in its own way.

Hayley Pembertonh

Art retreat and class attendee


I have really been inspired by you and have found a teacher that is really going to drive me, as well as really connecting and having a laugh too.

Mixed media workshop 

‘I have not used tissue paper before and was really pleased to learn how it can be layered and create interesting textures.’  Joan Vine.

‘So enjoyable and felt free to experiment.  ‘Being 5’ is great!  George. 

Ally M 

I've attended both Catherine's art classes and her workshops and she's a really enthusiastic and passionate teacher who brings out the artist in everyone.  I particularly enjoyed the life drawing workshop and learnt a lot about figure drawing.   Highly recommended!

Valda - art classes and courses

I have been coming to Catherine's art classes and workshops for years.  she has shown me many different disciplines and skills.  Her classes are friendly, non pressured and fun

Julie Forster


I have been attending Catherine's workshops for a number of years. She is a great teacher with an infectious love of colour and nature that is an inspiration in her classes.'

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