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New page on my website!

OK, so even though it's November (already), I feel weird using the word.....yes, it's a Christmas page...Plus I felt the need to write this blog in Christmas red despite the fact that some people think it's a negative colour.

My Christmas page has my Christmas cards, they are £2 each or less if you bulk buy, message me for details. as well as my cards there is my calendar for 2021 and two artist books that I've made. all of those are £15 each plus p&p.

The calendar is A3, full colour, a month to a page with lots of space to write in important dates. only 50 copies, signed and numbered

The books are A5, colour, hand finished so no two are the same. Only 25 copies of each, signed and numbered.

The calendar and books have my paintings and mixed media and the book has my writings too.

If you fancy anything, let me know, everything is easily posted to anywhere and can include a gift card if you wish.



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