At the end of 2018 my life changed dramatically.  My partner and I separated and I moved out. Apart from the sadness of the separation, I also left behind my beloved studio and garden, I had bought my wooden summer house and changed it into my first proper studio space and had spent four years developing the gardening.  The view from my studio down the garden was a constant subject for my work.

The garden was made with wildlife in mind and there were soon lots of birds visiting the garden which led onto lots of baby birds being born there too.  Favourites like Goldfinches, Robins, Blackbirds, etc. brought their young down to the feeders.

The garden that was at my new home was bare, the soil was depleted and there was not much for wildlife so I started my next garden.....first thing a pond...the birds are slowly arriving but in the meantime I've started to make small mixed media pieces of some of my favourite birds...ones that visit the community garden where I work or at Rye Nature Reserve which I visit frequently. I will be adding to this page as the year progresses.


All pieces are 15cm sq and sell for £120 framed or £75 unframed..


Green Woodpecker